Hello there!
We are looking for the next board, in academic year 2024/2025. Are you a future board member?

Being a board member will teach you how to manage an association, and your own time. It will let you meet a lot of new like-minded people and you will learn a lot about yourself and veganism.

VSA Tilburg has a board of 6 people:

As the president you will manage and oversee the association. You will lead the meetings and assign tasks to other board members. You will also be responsible for what happens within the association. But most of all: you will help VSA Tilburg flourish and grow into a better version of itself.

As vice-president you are there to support the president, and fill in when the president is not available. You will also be there to support the other board members if they need help with their tasks.
You will also be head of the Content Committee and social media, and contact person for VSA Netherlands.


The secretary is responsible for internal things, like welcoming new members. You will be the primary contact person for members. You will also make notes during board meetings and keep the email inbox organized. 


As treasurer, you keep track of the finances. You will be keeping track of money going in and out, setting budgets and making sure the association sticks to it. This is the least time-consuming position of them all!

Event Manager

The event manager makes sure VSA Tilburg has fun events for members to join. You will be in contact with other associations or businesses when you want to work together on something. You will also be the head of the Event Committee.  

External Affairs Manager

The External Affairs Manager is the person who will answer most emails from other businesses and associations. You will work alongside the Event Manager, and be in the Event Committee. As the external affairs manager you will also reach out to local businesses to get discounts, or for other things that might benefit the association.

As a board member you will need a few things:

  • Be a student in Tilburg
  • Support our Shared Missions & Values Statement
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be a team player
  • Be motivated
  • Have enough time and flexibility for around 6 hours a week
  • Be able to speak and write English

You don’t need to have any experience, we will give you enough time to learn how to your tasks!
If you have any questions, you can email or DM us!


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