About Us:

VSA Tilburg was established in February 2021, and is thereby the newest student association of Tilburg! VSA Tilburg is a non-profit association for vegan-minded students, who study in Tilburg or live in Tilburg and study elsewhere.

VSA Tilburg and its members aim to build and maintain a supportive community of vegan(- minded) students, to bring veganism to the attention of students as an effective means of helping animals and the planet, and to create a facilitating environment to make veganism easier, more enjoyable and affordable. 

Our Missions:

VSA Tilburg is guided by three key missions: 1) Building a community, 2) Providing education, & 3) Creating a facilitating environment. These are reflected in the content that we produce as well as the events that we organize!

Our 2023/2024 Board:

This academic year the third official board of VSA Tilburg is taking over! We consist of five students who study a wide range of subjects. Learn more about the current board and the previous boards by clicking on “Board History”.

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Meet our Members!



Active Member (Content Committee)

"I joined VSA because I wanted to join events where I don't have to think twice about the food I can eat, but the association became so much more than that for me: I discovered my passion for designing posts in the content committe, and I've met some of my best friends through it."



Passive Member

"I like being part of the VSA because I get to meet a lot of new, fun people while learning about veganism! By engaging in VSA events, I take part in cooking vegan foods for potluck lunches and dinners, and can see that being vegan is not a scary, from one day to the next permanent life choice as the media likes to make it seem, it's very similar to "normal" daily life just with being much more mindful of the products you buy and whom your money supports."

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