This is a member-only offer.

Merel Coenders from reached out to us a while back to see if we could collaborate.
She wants to offer VSA members with a free consultation, which usually costs €90! Additional consultations cost €30, but are probably free if you already spent your deductible (eigen risico).

Merel Coenders is a registered dietician and has been vegan for 6 years, she studied Nutrition and Dietetics, with a focus on Health Promotion.

What you need to sign up: your membership number, and an email adress we can reach you on.
Where can I find my membership number? Good question! We have sent you a membership card in the welcome email (Welcome to VSA Tilburg!). Don’t have the email anymore? No problem!

Reach out to us on social media or via WhatsApp, and we will send you your card again.

This offer is only valid in April and May. If there’s great demand, we might extend it to June. There’s also online options if you can’t come in person!

You can sign up by clicking on the button below:


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